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You use them to read, learn, work and play.  They orient you with your surroundings. Other people look at them when you talk.  Up to 80 percent of all impressions come through the eyes.  At Hertneky Vision Source, we understand what a precious gift good vision is, and we are committed to doing all we can to care for yours.


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The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly and Dr. Hertneky explained things very well. Great experience!
Kristin Leeling, Patient
The eye exams and care at Dr. Hertneky’s office assure me that my eyes are in good care. The staff are all friendly and helpful as well.
LaRue Kendrick, Patient
How does an eye have the ability to see? How can something so small be something so intensely complex? These questions have fascinated scientists and eye doctors for years. Not only is the human eye extremely intricate, delicate and strikingly beautiful, but is one of the most complex organs in our body. In order for the eye as a whole to work properly, there are many tiny working parts of the eye that must perform in a perfectly synchronized manner in order to accomplish the ability to see properly. The parts of the human eye are all essential to achieving vision and maintaining healthy eyes. The cornea is the dome-shaped layer that covers the outside of the eye, protecting the eye from elements that could be harmful to it. The cornea consists of many tough layers that regenerate quickly. Did you know that there are coatings of mucus that help keep the eye moist and smooth? Well, there is. The cover of mucus is created by glands which are called the conjunctiva glands. If you look at an eyeball, the black dot that you will see in the middle of the eye is called the pupil. That dot is a hole in which light travels through. You may have observed yourself that your pupils expand in the dark and shrink in bright lighting. This is to adjust to the amount of light necessary to observe your surroundings. I’m sure you know the color of the iris you have. The iris is the circle of pigment which defines the color of your eyes. This is the area around the pupil and uses the dilator papillae muscles to widen or shrink the pupil. The process of how these features come together to produce vision as we know it is one of the most fascinating procedures. Once light has traveled through the pupil, something called the lens directs the light onto the back of the eye. The lens is positioned behind the pupil and is secured by the ciliary muscles, which help it change shape, much like the pupil, depending on the intensity of the light. All of the light that is focused by the lens is transmitted onto the retina, which is the back of the eye. The retina is made up of layers of rods and cones. The rods and cones transfer light into chemicals and electrical pulses and signals. Finally, the optic nerve delivers these signals to the visual cortex, which is the section of the brain that controls our sense of sight. Not only are there physical elements, but there are chemical elements that make up an eye as well. The nervous system allows the brain to gather information from the eyeball in order for us to make suitable decisions regarding our situation in our environment. If the nerves are not perfectly healthy, it can affect our vision, sending the brain inaccurate images. If this happens we will not be able to receive accurate information about our surroundings which could heavily impact our lifestyle. Eyesight not only allows us to take in light and distinguish colors and objects around us in detail and depth, but eyesight drastically changes our lives. Because of the human eye, we are able to become more aware of our surroundings which can affect our mood, knowledge, decisions, relationships and well being. Sometimes we can become so dependent on our eyesight that our lives would change drastically without it. This is why having good eye doctors is vital. Healthy eyes make for a healthy lifestyle. The first step to retaining bright, healthy eyes is to find a good Optometrist, or eye doctor. Finding a good eye doctor to give eye exams, tests and surgery can not only change your vision but change your life. Once you find a local Optometrist, make sure you have regular eye exams from your close-by Fort Morgan eye doctor. Regular eye exams detect vision problems, diseases and other health problems. Routine exams also can show warning signs of irreversible loss of vision. Unhealthy eyes can show more signs of premature aging, like yellow tinted eyes, red veins, clogged tear ducts, bags and fine lines. Seeing an Optometrist could add years of healthy vision to your life. Your eyes can become an essential part of your life. For us, helping you in maintaining clear, healthy, bright eyes is priority!

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